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28 Feb 2018

Your Kitchen Counters are Holding You Back as Leaders

That’s a quirky thought.

I was on the treadmill this morning, a perfect time to let my mind wander. I usually come up with some different ideas, or odd thoughts like this one while I’m running. I like the mindless time letting my thoughts go where they may. It is supposed to be good, healthy, and restorative. 

I was thinking about a kitchen counter with stools, a design that helps parents multi-task. Think about it. They can serve breakfast to their kids, be close to the refrigerator to grab a missed item, refill their coffee cups, and pluck finished dishes to rinse, all while the dishwasher door remains open.

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14 Feb 2018

Be Your Own Valentine

I was working out yesterday in my usual spot at the community center, when I overheard someone say, “What are you doing for Valentine’s Day tomorrow?” I had forgotten. Without a special someone in my life, it was easy to overlook this day. I had made no special plans for today. 

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29 Jan 2018

Where has January Gone?


I used to think of January as the month after the craziness of the holiday season, where I ease into the year, setting goals and repacking my bag for what is to come. This year, however, I’ve started off at a much brisker pace than I anticipated, and it seems I am not alone. At last week’s Leadership Atlanta Women’s Summit, I kept hearing the exchange, “this can’t be the last Friday of the month already!”

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15 Nov 2017

Giving the Gift of You

When you give a gift, do you wait for someone to come and ask you for it or do you take it to her?

I met Pat 7 weeks after her husband had passed away. I was invited to a dinner in my mountain town by a friend who wanted to connect three new people. We each took a moment to tell our “story,” but it was hard for Pat to tell hers; she hadn’t had much time to think about Pat without Ed.

Pat relayed how wonderful people had been during the 10 days Ed was in the hospital, and for those 7 weeks after his death. So many people had said, “please know that we are here if you need us.”

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5 Oct 2017

Whole30 for the Mind

Now that I have my own business, it seems that my mind is harder to shut off. I think about Signature, our graduates, our new participants, and my employees constantly. When I’m working out, driving, hiking, and even sleeping, I’m thinking about the business. Often, my best thoughts occur during these activities. Until recently. Now, my personal life to-do list has taken over my unconscious thoughts, mixing with and disrupting the productive business ideas. It feels like trying to separate salt from sugar.

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