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15 Nov 2017

Giving the Gift of You

When you give a gift, do you wait for someone to come and ask you for it or do you take it to her?

I met Pat 7 weeks after her husband had passed away. I was invited to a dinner in my mountain town by a friend who wanted to connect three new people. We each took a moment to tell our “story,” but it was hard for Pat to tell hers; she hadn’t had much time to think about Pat without Ed.

Pat relayed how wonderful people had been during the 10 days Ed was in the hospital, and for those 7 weeks after his death. So many people had said, “please know that we are here if you need us.”

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5 Oct 2017

Whole30 for the Mind

Now that I have my own business, it seems that my mind is harder to shut off. I think about Signature, our graduates, our new participants, and my employees constantly. When I’m working out, driving, hiking, and even sleeping, I’m thinking about the business. Often, my best thoughts occur during these activities. Until recently. Now, my personal life to-do list has taken over my unconscious thoughts, mixing with and disrupting the productive business ideas. It feels like trying to separate salt from sugar.

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8 Sep 2017

It’s Not Just Business. It’s Personal.

Growing up in my career, I had been taught to separate business from the rest of my life. The phrase “don’t take it personally; it’s just business” is something I know many of us have heard. As my career has developed from working at large companies, to getting a sense of ownership working for private equity-backed firms, to owning and running Signature Leaders, I have started to rethink this phrase.

Can we really separate business from the rest of our lives?

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25 Jul 2017

Inspirational Leadership Is in Short Supply


… And yet, it is the key to helping others stay engaged. 

I recently read the latest report from Gallup, and the numbers seem to stay the same when it comes to employee engagement… literally 70% of workers are not engaged. As leaders, we have the challenge of engaging our people, and yet, that is hard when 43% of employees work remotely and almost 84% of our employees are matrixed. 

I just finished Kristi Hedges’ newest book, The Inspiration Code. It is fabulous. 

The beauty and the impact of the book is Kristi’s ability to offer key learnings in small bites. Kristi did some major research on the topic of what inspires people, and here are two nuggets that I particularly loved from her book:


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6 Jul 2017

Senior Leadership 101 – Learn to set priorities for your time and attention

“I’m sorry,” she told the event coordinator for her industry association. “I can’t make it for the panel. Another VP just scheduled a meeting for me, and I’ll have to be traveling internationally that day.”

I’ve seen this movie… hundreds of times. After running leadership programs for accomplished women leaders and interviewing more than 1000 female executives, I see some noticeable differences between those that are driving up the ladder and the ones who make it to the top. I can, fairly accurately, pick out those that will be successful based on simple things, such as how they manage their priorities.

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