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Signature 5 Year Anniversary

Posted by Carol Seymour on Sep 19, 2018 4:10:59 PM
Carol Seymour

9.19.2019 Happy Anniversary Signature

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” Ayn Rand

I love this quote from Ayn Rand, because it places the power with her. Thinking like this helps keep doubts in check, and self-imposed hurdles at bay. This is what Signature Leaders is all about. Every person starts with their own unique gifts, their Signature. What they do with them is up to them.

Happy Anniversary Signature! 5 years ago today, 30 women from four continents, representing 22 companies in roles ranging from general management to legal, made up the first graduating group of the Signature Program.

These 30 women have since moved to bigger roles, impacting more future leaders with their own authenticity and leadership passion.

In 5 years, almost 1000 women have become Signature graduates. These highly accomplished female leaders were nominated by their companies as they defined the future leaders of their enterprises.  They joined Signature to increase capacity, create bigger impact, spread their influence, and support each other on their journey.

What started as a program, has turned into an expedition.

Joining the expedition are more than 100 top level executives, known as our Faculty. These CEOs, board members, and C-suite executives act as “wisdom warriors”, sharing their own experiences, wins, hurdles, spirit, and support with others.

CEO Ronee Hagen (retired from PGI, and current board member for Newmont Mining, American Water Works, Southern Co. and Stericycle) opened our very first session on how to create a leadership vision, based in your own core values. No matter what happens externally, values keep you anchored and ensure good decision making. Ronee also said,

“Real life is what happens to all of us. And it is not nearly as pretty or perfect as our written bios would have us think.”

The Signature mission is to help women drive their destiny, manage the things in their control, and know how their unique gifts help bring their “A-game” to every situation.

I am honored to have been asked to start this expedition and gratified to see how these women are making a difference today. Our graduates are moving into bigger roles and in turn, looking behind them to help build other leaders.

As I think back to September of 2013, I recognize that I didn’t fully know what to expect. But on that opening night, the energy and connectedness in the room was a notch below a loud roar. I knew then that wonderful things would happen. And they have…

More than 110 companies use Signature for their targeted and best investments in talent.  Many companies now host our programs and include their own CEOs and board members in the program. Thank you to Cargill, Ahold Delhaize (Stop and Shop, Albert Heijn, and many other brands), Coca Cola European Partners, Aptiv, Maersk, Hyatt, ADP, Hilton, eBay, Southern Co., WestRock, and many others who have embraced the positive impact we can make on driving leadership excellence through engaged and open exchange of experience and knowledge.

The expedition continues… And I can’t wait to share with you what’s ahead!


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