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Queen Elizabeth is a Colorful Reminder

Posted by Carol Seymour on May 24, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Ladies, as I watched Harry and Meghan on Saturday morning, I was struck by the arrival of Queen Elizabeth, who arrived in a bright lime green coat and matching hat with a big purple flower. She certainly stood out with all that color. As the media discussed her outfit, they relayed that Queen Elizabeth has always said, “I have to be seen to be believed” because she’s only 5’2”. There is no doubt that the Queen no longer needs bright clothing to be believed, but as you look at photos of her time heading the Monarchy, it has certainly become part of her signature. 

I recall a story Ronee Hagen, former CEO of PGI and Signature faculty, shared about your presence as a woman, especially one smaller in stature. She said, “Sometimes, you need to be seen before being heard. Think about it. Imagine you are in a burning building. When the firetruck pulls up, two firefighters jump out. One is a 5’2” woman and the other a 6’1” man. Who do you hope comes into that building to rescue you?” 

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Your Kitchen Counters are Holding You Back as Leaders

Posted by Carol Seymour on Feb 28, 2018 9:12:30 AM

That’s a quirky thought.

I was on the treadmill this morning, a perfect time to let my mind wander. I usually come up with some different ideas, or odd thoughts like this one while I’m running. I like the mindless time letting my thoughts go where they may. It is supposed to be good, healthy, and restorative. 

I was thinking about a kitchen counter with stools, a design that helps parents multi-task. Think about it. They can serve breakfast to their kids, be close to the refrigerator to grab a missed item, refill their coffee cups, and pluck finished dishes to rinse, all while the dishwasher door remains open.

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Giving the Gift of You

Posted by Carol Seymour on Nov 15, 2017 8:00:00 AM

When you give a gift, do you wait for someone to come and ask you for it or do you take it to her?

I met Pat 7 weeks after her husband had passed away. I was invited to a dinner in my mountain town by a friend who wanted to connect three new people. We each took a moment to tell our “story,” but it was hard for Pat to tell hers; she hadn’t had much time to think about Pat without Ed.

Pat relayed how wonderful people had been during the 10 days Ed was in the hospital, and for those 7 weeks after his death. So many people had said, “please know that we are here if you need us.”

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Inspirational Leadership Is in Short Supply

Posted by Carol Seymour on Jul 25, 2017 12:32:29 PM


… And yet, it is the key to helping others stay engaged. 

I recently read the latest report from Gallup, and the numbers seem to stay the same when it comes to employee engagement… literally 70% of workers are not engaged. As leaders, we have the challenge of engaging our people, and yet, that is hard when 43% of employees work remotely and almost 84% of our employees are matrixed. 

I just finished Kristi Hedges’ newest book, The Inspiration Code. It is fabulous. 

The beauty and the impact of the book is Kristi’s ability to offer key learnings in small bites. Kristi did some major research on the topic of what inspires people, and here are two nuggets that I particularly loved from her book:


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Lessons for Leadership: How a group of high school girls learned to “fully see.”

Posted by Carol Seymour on Mar 22, 2017 1:08:35 PM

I recently went to Nicaragua to visit my daughter Paige, who is one of the leaders of a mission-based organization working to bring steady supplies of water to undeveloped communities. Each week, a new group arrives from some church, school, or the like, to spend their week on this mission.

When I arrived, a group of high school girls were just finishing their mission week, and I sat in on their Friday night “Reflections and Farewells.” I had been in this same spot myself on several occasions, and hearing the impact that this week had on these young ladies was joyful. Near the end of the reflection time, my daughter asked if anyone was angry when, on the first day, their teachers asked each of them to give up their cell phones while on mission. (This is not a requirement of the mission, but more of a challenge from the teachers who had accompanied these girls on the trip.) There were quite a few hands raised answering “yes” to that question.

Paige then asked how they fared, and would anyone share their reflection on being without a cell phone.

It was this next discussion that became a leadership eye-opener.

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